Urs İlaç

About Us

Urs has emphasized the importance of quality since the first day of its establishment and has given a different perspective to the field of nutritional supplements. Our products are produced in the most appropriate way to public health in GMP approved production facilities.

Urs Pharmaceuticals will continue to offer the highest quality products that are innovative and necessary for the protection of public health, and will continue to offer the highest level of benefit-benefit relationship with innovative fields of use.

We provide services with the aim of quality in health with our products approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. We are working meticulously in every step of the production especially from the content of food supplements to the production quality. Our main principle is to make production under GMP conditions and to reach consumers by giving importance to quality at every stage of production.

As a company that works to create value in the field of health, we are aware of fulfilling our duties and responsibilities under the best conditions. We aim to be a company that follows the latest developments in the changing health sector, can adapt to innovations and transform this change process into empowerment and growth energy.
By synthesizing the experience gained from the years we have left behind with innovations in our industry, we will turn into the best quality products and services to our people, physicians, pharmacists and all health sector stakeholders in the years to come. Because saygı respect for health ”comes before every corporate activity.

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